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Editor's Letter: May 2017 -- BRAND NEW

Editor’s Letter: May 2017 — BRAND NEW

  This year has not been an easy one. Or the year before that, or the year before that one.
Editor's Letter: March 2017 -- Justice

Editor’s Letter: March 2017 — Justice

  What can I do? The question I keep asking myself, as an American, in this political climate of Trump vs. The World.
Editor’s Letter — February 2017: INTIMACY

Editor’s Letter — February 2017: INTIMACY

Ah, February. The smell of chocolate (and bitterness) is in the air as millions prepare for the most romantic day of the year.
Editor's Letter -- January 2017: MUSE

Editor’s Letter — January 2017: MUSE

    The first singer I’ve ever idolized deeply was FKA Twigs. It was in my senior year of high school when I first heard one of her singles, “Two Weeks.” I then proceeded to obsess over her music and life for a year.
Editor's Letter— November 2016: The Family

Editor’s Letter— November 2016: The Family

An idea that I’ve had to grapple with was the saying that “family is forever.” I’ve made many friends over the years, and many of them have faded from my life. I’ve learned that although I considered close friends to be my family, it’s always possible that those friendships can end.
Editor's Letter -- September 2016: Milestones

Editor’s Letter — September 2016: Milestones

In September of 2015, I put up Margin’s first editor’s letter and held my breath.  This September marks Margins’ first year anniversary!
Editor’s Letter — August 2016: “Understanding”

Editor’s Letter — August 2016: “Understanding”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from debating, it is that it is important to listen and learn, even if I don’t agree.
Editor’s Letter — July 2016: “Flaws”

Editor’s Letter — July 2016: “Flaws”

For about the past six years, I’ve been steadily gaining weight as I stepped out of childhood and into adulthood (currently I’m eighteen years old). As a kid, I was relatively skinny. I didn’t know that–I was generally bigger than the other kids; I compared myself to them.
Editor's Letter -- June 2016: "Light"

Editor’s Letter — June 2016: “Light”

When I wake up on some mornings, I like looking at the light that parts through my purple curtains and high windows. It is simple, but it is really beautiful. I think that’s what light does. It can make the ordinary extraordinary.  
Editor's Letter -- April 2016: The Greater Good

Editor’s Letter — April 2016: The Greater Good

  Hello everyone! Nicole here. If you read my Editor’s Letter every month, you would notice that I was absent for March. Missing March made me really sad. Margins has been going through major changes behind the scenes, and I myself have been going through major changes! But I’m back with a great theme for...
Editor's Letter -- February 2016: Illusions

Editor’s Letter — February 2016: Illusions

Trigger Warning: This letter includes mentions of suicide, depression, and hospitalization.  Recently I got into a dispute with someone over how much I talk about my mental health on social media. I felt instantly furious and insecure, and shot insults. Later, we apologized to each other. But it’s been more than a month now and...
Editor’s Letter – January 2016: Amazing Firsts

Editor’s Letter – January 2016: Amazing Firsts

Happy New Years! This month’s theme on Margins is “Amazing Firsts”, and I would like to take a moment to reflect on how the past four months have been with the new existence of Margins.