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Thoughts on the Women's March and the Constitution

Thoughts on the Women’s March and the Constitution

  After spending the past six months studying the Constitution of the United States, there is nothing that scares me more about the upcoming four years than Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s opinions of people like me, their false promises, their claims about the media, and how uncertain his policy may be.
Gay is okay. Isn't it?

Gay is okay. Isn’t it?

  So, I’m just a little bit pissed off. I’d say that I’m furious or disgusted and to an extent of course I am, but alas I am not surprised or shocked. By now quite a lot of us have seen the headlines “Mississippi Passes Bill That Legalises LGBTQI Discrimination.”  Well. Isn’t that a great...
On Privileged Patriotism

On Privileged Patriotism

  Maybe I saw it first when Ariana Grande licked the donuts. She, in reference to this country’s obesity rate, said she hated America (and also proceeded to lick the donuts in a donut store). All in a day’s work for a 22-year-old, unfiltered pop star. Yet, her annoyed musings were scathingly dubbed offensive and...