FKA Twig’s debut studio album cover for “LP1”


The first singer I’ve ever idolized deeply was FKA Twigs. It was in my senior year of high school when I first heard one of her singles, “Two Weeks.” I then proceeded to obsess over her music and life for a year.

In my non-fiction writing class senior year, I wrote an essay on how watching FKA Twigs helped me embrace my sexuality. In my Gender Studies class, I did a presentation on how her music videos divert from the male gaze. And recently, I wrote about my love for her more in Adorned By Chi’s zine

So why do I love FKA Twig’s so much? Her voice was of no other I’d heard (and I listen to a LOT of music), the production of her music was incredibly different but amazing to me, her dancing was breath-taking, and her confidence was awe-inspiring. FKA Twigs is a multi-faceted, weird, sexy, black woman. She is so many things at once and holds herself with the utmost pride and confidence. It made me realize that I could be the same.

FKA Twigs inspired me to explore my sexuality, create my own music, and sing in ways I hadn’t before. For me, she has been the ultimate muse in discovering myself.

So the question we have for you, our readers: who is your muse? Who in your life has inspired you to be better, whether that was in a small scale or a large scale? Send poems, personal essays, comics, and whatever else you’d like to!

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