Illustration by Gabrielle Conlon

On any average day, you’ll find me watching Youtube videos that include clothing hauls, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle vlogs from fashionistas. I’ve been doing this on a semi-regular basis since middle school.

I watched Michelle Phan religiously, as well as BubzBeauty, and many other lifestyle vloggers almost exclusively for a long time. Yet I rarely took any makeup tutorials to heart. I hardly put on makeup because it felt (and still feels) weird and unnatural. I liked watching videos on style, but I hated shopping for new things.

These videos entertained me and inspired me, but never to the point of transferring the practices to my everyday life.

Recently, looking at my wardrobe, I wished I did. I am a simple person when it comes to wardrobe. This is mostly because I like being comfortable, and, as stated before, I do not like shopping. But I realized that my wardrobe does not really reflect who I am, or rather, how I’d like to present myself.

Recently, I went to Target to buy an outfit for a job interview. I drew on my knowledge of fashion and picked out some green pants, a grey blazer, black flats, and a white shirt. I wanted to look professional but not drab. I needed the colors to mesh, but not clash. In my opinion, I looked fly as hell. And, gazing at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t recall the last time clothing made me feel so confident.

This moment is what prompted me to look at the rest of my wardrobe–the graphic tees, the worn jeans, and say–What’s going on here? I need to change this up.

As I got to thinking more about style, I wondered how the people in my community felt about their style and what it means to them. This December, you’ll hear from some fly as hell folks about their style.

We’d also love to hear from you! What does style look like to you?