Fans flocked to Downtown LA for performances from Transviolet and LANY. LANY, an LA-based trio, didn’t let down their excited followers at the Fonda Theater on Friday. The Saturday show was also the first of two sold-out nights at the LA venue.

The night began with a bang. Specifically, Transviolet’s wonderful tunes. At some points in the night, attendees could physically feel the bass in the soles of their shoes. The four piece ended their set with “Girls Your Age,” a song that propelled them to recognition.

LANY continued the great, music filled night. Kicking off their set with “4Ever!,” a song from LANY’s “I Loved You” EP got the crowd dancing. This energy in the Fonda wouldn’t waver throughout LANY’s whole set.

The turning point in the night, at least for me, was LANY’s performance of “Current Location.” This song is lyrically simplistic but there is a beauty in its straightforwardness. At some points in the song, the vocals of frontman Paul Klein were only accompanied by a keyboard. This allowed for the audience to hear his graceful, ethereal vocals.

It was clear that the band has improved from their early Soundcloud days. The three months of rigorous touring have certainly made the trio more experienced in playing their respective instruments.

Everything from the visuals to the instrumentation was perfectly choreographed to keep an audience entertained. And throughout their set, the only reason why people were on their phones was to photograph the band.

By the end of the night, the stage was covered in roses that fans had brought. As people filtered out of the venue, there was a buzz of excitement. Some stopped to chat with the opening act or buy merch, but everyone left with anticipation of what LANY would do next.