Image via Pixabay


to you first-generation,


first in the family,


students out there

i feel you.

i know what it’s like to live in two worlds

at once,

to see heaven

but feel hell,

speak both languages

in two dimensions

all eyes

watching always

love to turn on you

because they think you lie


arrogant always

too dim

to understand the same language they speak

an anomaly

on a constant grind

because you know in your mind

that light at the end of the tunnel

means inner-peace or

unity between both worlds

even if that means

you are

always something different

sometimes feeling unseen, but

we see you

you are here

and everything you do

is worth it

do not worry.


Niya Niya is a 19 year old from San Francisco, who also reps for the city of Oakland. You can find them at their blogs and