Image courtesy of Pixabay

Sometimes it is With instead of


I met another man

With a lion soul

This is how I know–

How I know the difference

I am thinking of myself when I say:

“Musical heart”

And of a previous man

When I say With.

How you know the difference:

A lion-souled person

Will make you sweat

From a mile away

“Why am I hot? It was just freezing.”

A lion-souled person

Will strike a sexual fear;

Fearful arousal

I’m in heat and my hands are shaking.

It’s hard to look him in the eye

You will never forget them and all it was

Was small talk.

Your lion claws slashed my vein,

Leaving an opening in my thick-walled



Your gnarly fangs bit through my own

Ferociousness and

You now live in me. Congratulations.

A musical heart

Will wear their musical heart

Outside of themselves-

This is not on purpose,

Can not help it.

Will sing their sorrows to you

In a gaze.

They have much to say, might not

Verbalize it all

Leave you curious

But you will have to leave with half

Not all.

You wanted to be them

You envied this human

Until they let in you in

Just a little



Too much


Now you know!


This is a troubled soul

“Sheesh, they’re fucked up.”

That is the music.

Nomadic artists who drink tea and laugh loud.

Who are always running

Sometimes towards!

Mostly from.

And beware a lion-souled musical heart.

Hayward July, 2016