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Photo by Lauryn Evelyn


I know you’ve spent a large portion of your life
hearing people tell you to change,
or telling that you changed too much
and now you need to change differently
to fit into that size
into that frame in which they want to place you


But I want you to know
how beautiful I think you are
I want you to know how, when I look at you,
when I think of you,
I see an amazing woman who’s come so far
into herself
it inspires me to love myself so fearlessly

I want you to know that I see your career path
your hobbies, your intelligence
your compassion and bubbliness
I see your strength, your independence
your resilience.

I see your courage to start all over.


And I know that question is resting on your shoulders,
I know the voices still kindly bark:
“When are you going to lose the weight?”
Don’t you listen to them
don’t you dare let them make you feel as if your life
has not begun
because you don’t look the way they say you should
don’t put off anything until that day comes.
You look in the mirror of your soul
every morning
and read these words I have written for you:


You are perfect. You are whole. You are complete.
You are without flaw.
You are
And I love you.