Name: Nancy Flecha

Age: 21

Home: Boise, Idaho

My work is very much rooted in reality and the everyday; nothing is more pure and honest to me than using art to describe the world I see.

I look towards my closest friends and my sister as inspiration. I relate to women, so for me they make the most interesting subjects. Recreating them in my illustrations has allowed me to reflect on how much color they’ve added to my world and to add validity to the importance of friendship.

Illustrations are meant to play out a narrative, and I think ample space is given to male stories and characters, across every source of media, and I don’t really feel a need to contribute to that. I create what I see, and stylize it down to a point, that it can be relatable and accessible to every diverse range of womanhood. The stories I share are from the female perspective, slowly circling around the idea of what makes us girls.













Processed with VSCO



You can find more of Nancy on Instagram @nancyflechaillustration or at her website