Illustration by River Mansueti


And broken were the bones that once held him together.

Pretty brown boy found love over the summer.

Met her one wild night and dove in head first down Alice’s rabbit hole.

Pretty brown boy falls for a dime piece with curves like a coke bottle.

And broken were the bones.

He snuck her into his room at night, Mom and Pop

Didn’t like her, but that’s alright because this was his

Business, he claimed. He showed her off to his friends.

They all wanted a piece, or at least, something close to one.

So they took to the streets, trying to compare and contrast but

some of them tasted too bitter, others wouldn’t last the night.

And broken were the bones.

Pretty brown boy gave up everything–time,

Patience, sanity. He said it burned in his chest just right when they touched lips and he drank her in,

And he couldn’t ask for a better place to rest his hands, on her Jack Daniel like hips.

He made the mistake of showing his affection at school. He picked her up and

Tilted her back. He kissed her in public, gulping down her I Love Yous until she burned his throat raw.

Pretty brown boy cannonballed in bourbon, nosedived in Jack

And drowned his depression in age old Cognac. This right here is that grown folk love.

That I’ll ruin my life for you love. I feel sick when I wake up with you love,

but I’ll suck it up for you love, I’ll toss it back, smack it down, lick the salt- one more round. All for you, my love.

          And broken were the bones that held him together when he

Found her in the hands of his best friend. He passed her around,

Giving everyone a taste of how good she can burn. That’s not how you

Love her! He cried, and broken were his bones.