Recently, a black man was shot and killed for selling CDs, another for following a police officer’s instruction, and a man also supposedly hung.

I’ve been stuck trying to organize my words. I’m trying to rephrase my sentences so they sound right and ethical, but I’m having a hard time with this.

Black lives are so disregarded in society and have been in the past up until this day. And the fact that people want to neglect the BLM movement and replace it with #alllivesmatter or #bluelivesmatter really angers me. Politicians like to say that we aren’t color blind, but we just want to focus more on the issues in the present day with black lives.

It’s not that all lives don’t matter, because they do. I believe we can all agree that everyone’s life has value. But it’s that black lives aren’t valued enough by the judicial system. To see that my black brothers and sisters are being killed just for doing everyday normal things really hits home for me. And the fact that it’s the men who are supposed to serve and protect us are killing our black men also makes me angry.

These events are starting to become normal and that is not a good thing. I shouldn’t turn on the TV every morning and hear on the news about someone getting shot down. I am worried for the kids growing up in this world thinking this is normal.

I bet you’re wondering, “So, Lauryn, what does this have to do with your photo shoot with a bunch of black females?” Well, I’ll answer that for you. *Joanne the Scammer voice*.

People are constantly underestimating the power of women in general. But just imagine being a woman and being black. Black women are constantly getting criticized in society just for who they are, but little do people know that we are the most educated people in America (take that, Trump).




This shoot was to emphasize black women and how we take a stand against society and are capable of protecting our black kings. Society sees us as a double threat for being black and for being women. Therefore, they basically treat us as though we don’t matter. But we can’t stress enough that WE MATTER.




Therefore, I wanted to make it known that us as black women are a force to be reckoned with. That we never stand alone and that we are as one.




It is too often where I hear about the “Angry Black Girl” stereotype and people making the assumption that all black women are overbearing and hard to get along with. But is that the case for black women? No. Society loves to put labels on us and makes us seem like we are all angry just because we choose to express our opinions about what’s happening in the political world.


IMG_9987 (1)


I cannot emphasize enough that we have to break these labels and not listen to what society negatively says about black women.




So, black kings and queens, UNITE. We will prevail over the white supremacists. We all just have to unify and vanquish them. Never be afraid to act out!

Thank you,