Illustration by Gabrielle Conlon.

When I wake up on some mornings, I like looking at the light that parts through my purple curtains and high windows. It is simple, but it is really beautiful.

I think that’s what light does. It can make the ordinary extraordinary.  

When the sun hits an angle of the one you love just right, you might feel as if they are even more magical than before. The way a stage is lit draws an audience member in more than if no effort was brought into it. A sunny day makes a tiring day somehow less tiring.

Light brings life, and life brings magic, to which there was none before.

How are you a light in someone else’s life? How is someone a light in your life? How does the sun affect you, or how do you wish it affected you? These are some questions to take into consideration.

This is the description I sent out to our contributors for this month’s theme, which you can also use to submit for this month!

I would like to take this time to thank all the overwhelming support Margins has been getting these past few weeks. Our site went down for about a day–around the same time Margins was featured on the Art Hoe Collective! My mood was at a high when I found out we’d been featured–and when I went to check the site, I swear my soul left my body for about five seconds. I was totally convinced for a moment that everything we’ve worked on was gone! Moments like these remind me how much I’ve worked this past year on Margins and how important it is to other people; I must keep going!

Margins is nearing its year anniversary this September, which is as exciting to me as it is mind blowing. We want to do something special for the readers out there. Would you like a Questions and Answers video? A certain theme? Do you want to express to us how much Margins means to you? A going-back-to-school special? We’re wondering what you guys might have in mind! Leave a comment or drop a note at submit4margins@gmail.com with the subject line “September”.

Also, I’m looking for an Art Director to work with me for Margins. I am not that much of a visual person but I want the visual artists on Margins to have a better feel for what they want to make. I also would like input and direction on how to make visual artists more welcome here. Read more about it over at our submission page.
Thank you for those who have been following us for some time, and the newcomers! We’re so, so, grateful for you! Have a great rest of June!