Illustration by Gabrielle Conlon.


Truth visits me at night,
arms laden with nervousness and soft nourishment
eyes brimming with more than i deserve.

stay by my side while you dream
i’ll treasure each delicate tremor beneath your eyelids,
trace the lines of your hands into oblivion
and if you allow it,
i’ll whisper sweet words of love into the folds of your pillow;
they will greet you softly in the morning,
pools of sunshine illuminating their depth

your ribs forever stand at attention
no one is allowed through the gates
i mourn for the faded bruises that keep you
such a cruel private property of fate
let me climb your wrought iron wounds
to the well of your loneliness
yesterday’s demons i can’t kiss away,
but maybe tomorrow’s sorrows i can keep at bay

let me immortalize you
trace my fingers along your spine,
breathe life into your pages
the way you do mine

all those years ago
i thought it was Truth that knocked on my door,
laying the great secrets of life upon me
biting into my core
filling me with knowledge


that was not Truth
that was hellfire burning down my door
forcing its heat upon me

truth is mine to define,
so let it be known that i choose You