I’m a pretty blunt person. This theme has been knocking around my head for awhile, and I’m happy to finally share it with you all.

Here’s how I described this month’s theme to my team:

When I think of truth, I think of secrets under secrets. I think of liberation and false ideas turned upside down. I think of the gritty parts of good things that seem only good. You know what I mean?

When I think of telling my truth, my stories, I don’t want it to be vague. I really want to get in there.

Like, I can tell a friend, “The apple that I ate yesterday was gross.”

Or I can tell them how it was gross. “The apple that I ate yesterday was gross. I should’ve known, when I picked it up, I could already see that is was slightly mushy and brown. When I bit into it, it kind of crumble into my mouth, but in a mushy way. The flavor was off, not bright and sweet, but dull and brown.”

See what I mean?

There is the secret, and then there is the secret under the secret. The details of the secret.

We all know that Donald Trump is absurd. But why is he absurd?

I can say, “Donald Trump is from the depths of hell.”

I can also say, “Donald Trump is from the depths of hell that America has created. Stereotypes of people of color has white people thinking that their lives are terrible because of a few black people and muslims. The only reason Trump has made it this far is because of white privilege, his enormous wealth, and his blatant racism. Millions of people in America has been fed from birth that the problems in government has not been caused by a broken infrastructure, but by their neighbors who look differently from them.”

Think of a truth you can tell. Then bring the truth out of that truth.

So, tell me, Margins readers–what’s your truth?

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Happy May!