An apology.
All I really wanted was an apology,

any sort of acknowledgement that you see

what you did wrong to me.
And I’m lying here crying,
while you’re saying “You weren’t being very friendly”

when you’re the one who led me to believe

that you actually liked me,

but really all you wanted was one thing.

And I was constantly trying to figure out what I could do

to satisfy you

and be good enough and show how much I cared about you.

But now I’m trying to figure out what role our friendship had in your life

Because I thought I meant a lot, unless all your words were lies.

Everyone keeps making it out like I’m the bad guy

when you can’t even come up with a reason why

you pushed me out.

I apologized to you countless times

but you weren’t pleased.

Maybe it would have been different if

I had come from that small fishing island,

like all those other girls you constantly talk to,

you wouldn’t have wanted to leave.

But I’m not Japanese,

I’m a Cuban-American,

I dance as freely as palm leaves on a beach,

I act to discover what type of person I want to be,

I write to reveal the truth that many people never see,

but most of all,

I am me.

And I am not changing that for you,

or anyone,

or anything.

I may not have been good enough for you,

but I am good enough for me.

You’ll probably never realize what you did but I thank you for teaching me

never to expect anything from anyone,

regardless of how genuine they may seem.

I get that you don’t care and you’re probably fed up,

but I can’t help hoping that one day you will finally take responsibility,

and grow up.