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When I was a child,

I used to lie through my teeth;

Make up all these fanciful stories

About who I was,

Where I’d been,

The things I’d seen…

Everything except the monster under the bed.

That boogey man,

He was the one thing I could never lie about…

He was far too real.


At the tender age of twelve,

I thought my own struggles,

My own reasons for being sad

Were not enough…

So I made it all up

Until it came crashing down around my ears.

I was still checking under the bed.


By fourteen, I just wasn’t talking anymore.

I took up too much space,

Breathed air I was unworthy of

Taking into my teenage lungs.

I still slept with the lights on.


By twenty, I had learned;

Learned to stand on my own two feet,

And begin to take up space in this world.

Nothing can shake me,

I am unbreakable…


I was still so scared.


We live in a day and age,

Where even kids like me

Gotta lock those doors,

And stick to our guns

Because the boogey man’s coming.

He’s crawled out from under the bed,

And put on a brand new face.

Some of us think he’s the man in the mirror,

And sometimes he’s that voice in our heads.