Today’s To Do List:


1. Breathe in
2. Breathe out

3. Repeat


Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your future.
Sometimes it feels like that’s all life is; one big sacrifice.


There are times when the future must






for the present to collect itself.


You can’t make it to your future
if you don’t make it through your present.


Take a deep breath;
repeat steps one and two.


What is it that you need to do?


Whatever it is,
you have within you the power to do it.


Think of all the obstacles you’ve overcome,
all the challenges you’ve conquered.

Every time you thought you couldn’t:

couldn’t take one more step,

couldn’t breathe another breath,

couldn’t face another day.


But you did.
You did take that step.

You did take that breath.

and here you are,

Strong enough to face another day.


And don’t be afraid to ask for help,
we were not made to go it alone.

Even the great leaders of the world have those they depend on,

those they turn to when they need advice.

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective,

a warm smile,

to see it will all work out just fine.


Make a list, take another deep breath.
Put on some music that calms the static in your mind.

Take a crayon and scribble on a piece of paper;

get all that static out in the open.

And if it makes you feel better,

rip that static up into a thousand pieces.


Try a smile.
And if that’s no good,

try a good cry.


You’re only human (and that’s okay).