Photo courtesy of PBS, A Walk to Beautiful.

Photo courtesy of PBS, A Walk to Beautiful.

Never forget. It is a slogan that trends but few times each year, and we all swear to never let victims of tragedy go forgotten. We saw it with 9/11, we saw it with Paris, we saw it with the Holocaust, with Gaza, we saw it. But in all of the wars that you have seen, in all of the remembering that goes on for victims of this, have you ever heard a word said over the Central African Republic?

Their civil war has lasted three years thus far and lasts still–all because Muslims of the north were once dissatisfied with a Christian president. The government was too weak even then and, well, the rest is human-rights-violations history. The following is an attempt to humanize a most-inhuman thing, war, and so that these who were never remembered by mass media in the first place can be never forgotten hence.

She Should Be Wearing White

Terra ruins stretch for miles in the dune valley

A rejected refugee that left home wearing white

Now wears the red of her son’s spilled blood

She carries him, full of holes and lost hopes

Her skin forever stained by war

But the tears will come no more.

But there is more than one side to every story.

Her husband of twenty years.

Her daughter engaged for a rainbow spring wedding.

Where was he now?

Where was she now?

She would never know if they ever reached a

(daresay) safe place.

She would never know if they had been taken too.

A woman searching for peace and a grave for her son,

her world given up on her

for striving toward a different light

Ruins turned to salvation, right?

She looks up at the blue sky and sees nothing.

She Should Be Wearing White

Slickblack skyscrapers missing their faces

A man’s suit covered in plaster dust and sand

From the collapse of all that brought life to the land

He searches for his beautiful daughter (she had her mother’s smile), worryworryworry

He will not show his anguish.

But there is more than one side to every story.

When the life-giver collapsed it took his daughter with it.


She was going to wear white at her wedding next month.

He was Muslim,

She was Christian,

but Love is Love, right?


A man running, worryworryworrying, a girl forbidden to wear white

their faith collapsed on top of them

Where was their God?

Why do they worship when He brings only misery?

what’s the use in striving for the light anymore?

All underneath that same blue sky

If you would like for those that have committed war crimes in the Central African Republic to claim responsibility for their own action, you can sign this Amnesty International letter to send to the President of Benin and the President of the U.S. to take action.