Photo by Emily Kim


Slivers of Time in a glass full of Empty—

sharp, jagged remnants of earlier daze.

Wishing in earnest for noble Nepenthe

to douse all the visions and set them ablaze.

((The rulebook has changed. We’re letting it fray.))


Rivers are roaring and waters are rapid,

slowly eroding my weary command.

Old ways are growing increasingly vapid,

And your plane of interest is harder to land.

((Maybe it’s better if we let it stray.))


Dreams are revealing the imminent future:

You’re disappearing, I’m watching you go.

The wound that results is too lovely to suture,

It’s all that remains, I won’t push it below!

((Decorum has rotted, and now we’ll decay.))


The movie is over, the actors are shunned—

but the scenes are still cast on the walls of my mind.

I’m stuck in this room with a bullet-less gun

and a film that refuses to stop or rewind…

((This isn’t the ending i wanted to play.))”