This is a screenshot from the “When You Were Young” music video by The Killers.

If you’ve ever listened to the band The Killers, one of your favorites is probably “Mr. Brightside”, a song about someone who has been completely torn from the love of their life, probably by a new romance.

One of my favorites by The Killers is probably “When You Were Young”. Everyone probably has their own interpretations of this song–for myself, I didn’t even pay close attention to the lyrics of the song the first few times I listened to it. But the video and song no doubt have a very nostalgic feeling even if you’re not paying close attention.

Flashing images of a time that is clearly prior to the main character’s present, and the lead singer sounding sad, distant, and desperate (and maybe even a little angry) clearly sends this message. It makes me feel like I’m trying to grasp onto something that’s no longer there, but in a good way. It makes my heart ache in a way that I want my heart to keep on aching. I’m sure you can relate.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my past. I’m in my first year at college, which is something that I didn’t think I’d be able to do! I miss who I was when I was young–so loud, confident, and energized. I was always smiling and talking to others. I am nearly the opposite now. It pains me a little to think about it–but sometimes I come back to those memories even though it hurts. The ache is the only thing that remains the same when I recall the times when I was young. The memory is always slightly altered, but the ache is the same.

This is no doubt a universal feeling for many people, so I thought that November’s theme being “When You Were Young” would be a good choice. There are so many topics to delve into as we explore our youth. There are so many remnants of that time to explore as they linger into the rest of our lives

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