I was woken up by my sister.
She told me our mom had tried to burn me alive in my sleep
(and I swear I could smell it, the smoke).

We went to her room to hide,
but I feared what would happen to my cat.
I was told I was “free to leave,”
but when I tried, my way was blocked.

And then I woke up (again).

I was protecting him from someone.
As they went to strike him, I jumped in the way.
The weapon couldn’t hurt me.
I grabbed it
(it was elongated and razor sharp)
and stabbed them multiple times,
creating holes in their body.

And then I woke up.

I was in a school bus and I worried it would crash.
We drove over a bridge and the wheels began to slip.
I knew we were going to crash,
so I prayed to God.
The bus crashed anyways.
I began saving the other kids.
I gathered them into a lunch box and then let them out.
They were like stuffed animals.
I woke up and told my dad about the dream.
I told him how I had prayed
and God hadn’t cared.

And then I woke up (again).

There was a rabid bunny.
I was going to have to put it down,
only it bit me first.
The marks were in the shape of an eye,
which transformed into a spider that
writhed and bulged from the surface of my hand,
and it was made of
and veins
and tendons.

And then I woke up.

A girl was born from a ketchup packet filled with water.
There was a man with a poison dart.
The girl and I used magic to make ourselves tiny,
but did not escape the man’s notice.
He shot the girl, who was so tiny,
the dart burst her open.
I screamed when she died.

And then I woke up (I think).

I returned to a room that was mine,
even though it looked nothing like mine.
I think I entered through the window.
The room was sparse,
save for the girl standing in the corner.
She took one of my paint brushes and turned to look at me.
“I’m going to stab myself through the forehead with this.”
I chased her down the hallway,
begging her to wait,
terrified of what she’d do.

And then I fell asleep.