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our mind is filled with sour patch kids
some nights they dance for hours
but when we come back down to earth
our eyes reveal an endless blur

and we’re lost in this place we’re told is our home.

we’ve yet to find our reason
and we’re losing hope in it
but we continue looking
for it exists somewhere,
this we know.

some things exist intangibly
so only the true minds can comprehend
the power that they bring us
when we find our wounds impossible to mend

continue on, they tell us,
it’s coming someday soon
but when it snows four feet in one night
we think that no reason is good enough

we are children of dangerous lands
and we know about the ones who have hurt us.
in our dreams we seek revenge
for those who have done us wrong
and the nights are cold and dreary
for those who have done us wrong.

the moon continues shining,
the raccoons live on.
and our future is uncertain
but we continue evermore.