Emily Kim, co-founder of Margins, gave me this sheer black skull top before she moved away from college. Skulls often provoke a certain feeling of fear or uneasiness among people, but this top is really, really, cute! Isn’t it? It is to me, at least. 

Like Margins’ theme for this month, things are not always what you think they seem.

I was at a lost as to what October’s theme could be–I liked the idea of having a driving idea to drive Margins’ content for each month, but my mind was blank. So I asked the Margins’ staff in our facebook group what they thought. An overwhelming response was Halloween themes–and after some deliberation, an idea was formed for: Spoooky!

This month’s issue will cover topics such as Halloween(of course!), women in horror films, how it feels to go out at night as a woman, and many more that you wouldn’t expect!

Margins is also opening up our doors for submissions for our November issue, When you were young. Read more about that here, and spread the word! We can’t wait to hear from you! We also thank you for sticking with Margins as it enters its second month!