Behind the Glue and Fabric Scraps:

I grew up in a family that went through some pretty bad cycles of poverty while I was growing up. We usually had little to no money to spend on looks, and my grandma usually took me shopping. I am a quite creative person, and I remember somewhere between middle and high school getting fed up with not being able to express myself with my wardrobe.

As the daughter of an ever resourceful scavenger, I started collecting things. I often would find stuff on street corners, at garage sales, and once even in a classroom garbage can. I would take my finds home and turn them into the bedroom decorations, band shirts, studded bracelets, and arm socks I couldn’t afford to buy at the mall. Now I am excited to be able to share with you the projects and tips that I have developed over the years in a desperate attempt to express myself.


Eyeball String Lights



  • String lights (dollar store)
  • X-acto Knife (craft store), or a box cutter
  • Ping pong balls with eyeball design (dollar store)
  • or take some ping pong balls and paint them like eyes


  1. Count how many bulbs are on your string lights, and make sure you have one ping pong ball for each light

Eye Lights 1



2. Mark the back of the ping pong balls where the light will go in

Eye Lights 2



3. Take your x-acto knife and carefully cut an x shape into the backs of the ping pong balls ( I found It worked best to puncture the ball first then cut it open and I actually cut off the corners inside because my the ping pong balls weren’t very flexible)

Eye Lights 3Eye Lights 4



4. Push the bulbs of the string lights through the x cuts in the back of all of your ping pong eye balls

Eye Lights 5



5. Find a good spot to hang your creepy new string lights

Eye Lights 6

6. Sit back and enjoy the spooky vibes~



Candy Corn Bunting



Candy Corn 1


  • Candy corn template
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper (dollar store, preferably card stock)
  • String or twine
  • tape



  1. Print template and cut pieces out of the appropriate color paper (or not)
  2. Glue pieces together to create your candy corn
  3. Cut string or twine to desired length
  4. Measure how far apart you want your candy corn
  5. Tape the string or twine to the backs of the candy corn at the measured spots
  6. Hang your bunting and enjoy the season


Candy Corn 2Candy Corn 4